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Responsible Believing
S. Joel Garver

submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in the Graduate School of Syracuse University

May 1996
revised November 2000

  • chapter one
    The Problem of Epistemic Obligations

  • chapter two
    On What the Queen Told Alice: Willing to Believe

  • chapter three
    Believing as One Ought: Well-Established Practices

  • chapter four
    Seeing Isn't Believing (and Other Thoughts on Doxastic Practices)

  • chapter five
    The Power of "Truth": Foucault and Doxastic Practices

  • chapter six
    Going Along with the Crowd: Discursive Formations and Responsibility

  • chapter seven
    On What the Little Prince Learned: Emotions and Belief

  • chapter eight
    Responsible Believing: Intellectual Virtue and Real Existing Knowledge

  • bibliography

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