graduate coursework in philosophy

The following is a list of courses completed at Syracuse University from 1991 until 1994, as part of the requirements for the doctoral program in philosophy. Also included is the fulfillment of comprehensive requirements.

courses completed for credit

The following courses were offered by the Department of Philosophy of Syracuse University and taken for credit.

    PHI 501: History of Ancient Philosophy - John Robertson
    PHI 511: Descartes, Spinoza, and Leibniz - C.L. Hardin
    PHI 533: Philosophy of Mind - Robert Van Gulick
    PHI 555: Philosophy of Mathematics - Josť Benardete
    PHI 573: Philosophy of Physical Science - C.L. Hardin
    PHI 583: Metaphysics - Josť Benardete
    PHI 618: Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche - Linda Alcoff
    PHI 641: Philosophical Theology: Faith and Reason - William P. Alston
    PHI 641: Philosophical Theology: Nature of God - William P. Alston
    PHI 650: Metaphysics - Peter van Inwagen
    PHI 651: Logic and Language - Mark Brown
    PHI 687: Contemporary Epistemology - William P. Alston
    PHI 693: 20th Century Ethics - Lynn McFall
    PHI 710: Greek Moral Theory - John Robertson
    PHI 740: Section 1: Foucault - Linda Alcoff
    PHI 750: Current Philosophical Problems: Free Will - Peter van Inwagen
    PHI 750: Seminar on Causation - Jonathan Bennett
    PHI 840: Seminar in Metaphysics: Abstract Objects - Peter van Inwagen
    PHI 850: Seminar on Epistemology and Modality - David Johnson
    PHI 860: Seminar in Ethics - Michael Stocker

courses auditted

The following were additional courses auditted and do not appear on official transcripts.

    PHI 505: History of Medieval Philosophy - Georgette Sinkler
    PHI 740: Section 2: Seminar on Post-Modernism and Post-Colonialism - Linda Alcoff
    REL 600: Hermeneutics - James B. Wiggins

comprehensive requirements

Foreign Language - Latin
Epistemology/Metaphysics Thesis - "Knowledge of Universals in John Duns Scotus"
Written Comprehensive Exam on the History of Philosophy - Ancient/Medieval and Early Modern
Oral Comprehensive Exam on the History of Philosophy- Friedrich Nietzsche